Coffee & Equipments

Coffee Machines, Special Coffee Beans Supplies, Special Teas, Kitchen Equipment and more!

We specialise in growing your coffee sales through the contractual supply of special quality coffee, teas and commercial coffee machines. We offer ongoing training and support for your staff, and have vast and experienced technical support for commercial coffee machinery.

We know our machinery well, and our reps carry out a lot of preventative maintenance on supplied coffee machines on their regular customer calls resulting in less issues sneaking up on you. Our reps are backed by our experienced technicians to deal with more major machine issues, and importantly we react quickly to machinery problems.

We not only do coffee well but we also supply kitchen equipment from iron pans to full kitchen fit-outs.

Whether it be espresso machines, manual brewing devices, or general coffee shop needs, we seek to pursue the most innovative coffee products both domestic and abroad to offer our customers. While our Special Coffee site has only been live since the fall of 2016.

The passion for coffee is clearly seen in our team which consists of former baristas, home coffee roasters, and Turkish coffee aficionados.

Coffee is a refined art that requires the proper tools, supplies and equipment. Equip your coffee shop with high quality and durable coffee supplies to keep up with the time and quality standards you strive for.

Several decades ago, coffee was only available in restaurants or diners. To suggest that a store could be profitable simply by selling high quality coffee and espresso beverages would have been a joke. Today, however, coffee shops are popping up all over the country and have become quite commonplace.

If you are considering opening up a coffee shop, think long and hard about how you want to go about the process of getting everything together. Many times, coffee shops are not just places where people go to get a mediocre cup of coffee. They visit a coffee shop to taste a drink that is better than what they could have made themselves. Pay close attention to quality when you are buying your equipment and sourcing your coffee beans. Many times, new business owners can become put off by the high price of coffee makers and espresso machines, but buying unreliable equipment will hurt your business. Quality machines will make sure that the coffee comes out tasting the way it should.