Home & Hotel Textile

Teccof Group has started its business life as a family-owned company to serve in various areas such as manufacture, sale and marketing of yarn. The Company has produced fabrics in weaving looms in its first years. Having been started manufacturing and sale of towels and bathrobes in 2010, the Company has managed to reach an important export volume by selling its products to many foreign countries. By the year of 2012, the Company continues its activities with three brands including the domestic market oriented Tec Home, Tec Hotel and internationally active Teccof.
Primary manufacturing groups of Teccof Group include; towels, bathrobes, household linens, doormats, bouclé clothes, t-shirts, polo shirts, hats, wrist straps, pouches, bar towels, sauna products, beach towels, pillowcases, bed sheets and bed linens, table clothes, napkins, dressing gowns and night robes as well as products targeted at hotel textile industry.


Company’s unique semi-integrated production facility includes several departments such as weft, sizing, weaving, embroidery and confection.


Export markets of the Company include Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Holland, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Greece, Latvia, Madagascar, China.


Field of activities is aimed at customer satisfaction. Apart from catalog and collection production, the Company also provides its customers with custom made products according to their requirements. Teccof offers the best quality to its customers for all products and services by the help of its rich experience and knowledge in textile industry. Likewise, the Company, approaches to all phases of production with great care and focus by considering the process through the viewpoint of the customer.


The Company has been participating in several fairs, events and expositions in numerous countries. Teccof Group considers these international events as an opportunity to reach new customers as well as to preserve acquired customer portfolio. Teccof acknowledges the importance of the ability to compete in the international arena.